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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lord of the Flies Study Guide Answers

Chapter 1-The Sound of the Shell:

1.     What is the “scar”?
a.    The scar is the damage left behind when the plane crashed on the island.
2.    How old is Ralph?
a.    Ralph is 12 years old.
3.    What prevents Piggy from running and swimming?
a.    Piggy has asthma (ass-mar)
4.    What does Ralph find that Piggy sees as valuable?
a.    Ralph finds a conch shell in the lagoon.
5.    What does Piggy suggest be done with the treasure Ralph has found?
a.    Piggy suggests that Ralph blow into the conch to attract the attention of the other boys on the island.
6.    What does Ralph do for Jack to maintain peace?
a.    Ralph assigns him the task of being in charge of  hunting.
7.    What excuse does Jack give for not killing the pig?
a.    He says he was looking for a place to stab it. In reality, he was probably scared.
8.    How does social order come about on the island?
a.    They boys elect a leader (Ralph) and are given jobs.
9.    What purpose is served by giving a detailed description of the island?
a.    We need to understand what the island is like in order to fully understand what they boys are going through.
10.  Who do you think would make the best leader of the boys and why?
a.    Answers can be different.
11.  Why do you think Jack did not kill the pig?
a.    Answers can be different, but look at #7.