CHAPTER 5-Beast from Water.

CHAPTER 5-Beast from Water:

  1. Why does Ralph choose an easy path of firm ground to return to the platform to call and assembly?
    1. So he could concentrate on his thinking rather than walking.
  2. What is Ralph discovering that he dislikes about the way he is living?
    1. He dislikes his new life. He also hates his dirty, worn-out clothes because they are becoming uncomfortable. He also hates the dirt and stuff he has to constantly flick out of his hair and eyes.
  3. How does Piggy show disapproval as Ralph’s assembly is called?
    1. Piggy stands outside of the triangle.
  4. What four complaints does Ralph bring up at the hastily called assembly?
    1. Not enough drinking water, everyone should help build shelters, littleuns, need to go to the bathroom in the right spot, they can't let the fire go out again.
  5. Littlun Phil reports he saw something at night in the jungle. What was it?
    1. Phil reports that he saw something big and horrid in the trees of the jungle, which turned out to be Simon going to his spot in the jungle.
  6. What does Littlun Percival Wemys Madison reveal to the assembly?
    1. That the beast comes out from under the sea.
  7. What rationale does Piggy give for not believing in ghosts?
    1. Quote “Things wouldn’t make sense. Houses an’ streets, an’ –TV –they wouldn’t work.”
  8. What do you think Simon means when he says, “Maybe there is a beast”?
    1. He means maybe they are the beast as they are turning on each other and becoming savages.
  9. What is meant by “…every path was an improvisation”?
    1. He is making things up as he goes along when he really doesn't have a plan.

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